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  • Laura Boote

Is Djerf Avenue Worth The Price?

Djerf Avenue is a highly talked about brand created by influencer Matilda Djerf. I had been following both the brand and Matilda for a while and was so curious to see if it was worth the prices. I watched countless TikToks, YouTube videos, and reviews before purchasing so here are my thoughts for you.

Djerf Avenue's pieces are timeless items that can be worn for years. Their pieces are ethically sourced and produced and they pride themselves in their sustainability. Naturally these things contribute to the price of the products.

The biggest controversy over Djerf Avenue is the price of their items. Prices range from $14 to $250. Now while these prices aren't the most "affordable" there are a lot of things to consider. Matilda pays her employees livable wages and their whole company is dedicated to slow fashion which is something the world needs more of. It's also important to look at other companies who don't produce sustainability and have prices very close to Djerf Avenue.

My Final Thoughts:

Matilda Djerf has created a wonderful brand that pays attention to the impact it has on the environment. While the pieces might not be traditionally "affordable" they are justified by the way they are produced and the high quality. If you have been debating purchasing from Djerf Avenue I highly recommend you place that order and fall in love.

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